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This information refers to ALL items listed on the website as PRE-ORDERED.

1.Why are items listed as Pre-ordered?

I offer Pre-ordered items because i understand that not everyone likes the same items and by doing this i can see exactly what sizes are selling more and i can order more of that size or design in rather having sizes and designs that are not going to sell.So that saves me money and in turn i can spend more money on items customers truely want.

2.How long will Pre-orders take to arrive?

Pre-ordered items can 95% of the time take approx 3-6 weeks to be delivered to me in the instance that your order is taking longer then advised please get in contact me but remember i'm always doing my very best to get your order to you in the time frame stated.Then i go over your item to make sure its going to perfect for you then i repackage it and post your order off. This is a guide only as i have no control over courier companys and any delays that may make the delivery a bit longer.Also there may be that occasion where the factory is taking a bit longer to complete production so that can cause delays.I will always try my best to keep you up to date regarding your order but if you do have any questions please don't hesitate to get in contact with me.

3.Do drop shipment orders occur?

No under no circumstances will i ever drop ship orders.All orders will arrive at my address first before being posted to you.



By placing any order with me your agreeing to my Terms and Conditions regarding Pre-orders and Refunds.Therefore you agree to the wait times as pre listed above. 

With all transactions i do ask for your patience and understanding as i too am a mother and have a family you also needs me at times.I run this business solely myself.



Thank You for taking the time to read this important information.